Turtles Edit

Turtles are one of the creatures that are strongly affected by Marine Pollution.


Turtle stuck in a soda plastic.

Example: Did you know that turtles eat jellyfish? Well they do. Do you know what looks like jellyfish? Grocery bags look like jellyfish, so when we let them flow into the streets and say, "Oh it's fine, someone will pick it up." Or, "We don't have to worry, it wont get far." If you really think about it, the bag flies through the paring lot, and to the roads, where do you think it ends up after that? It ends up in the ocean, or it ends up in the lakes that surround us.So, next time you see a bag floating around just take a small minute to pick it up. It won't take you a lot of time, and you'll be saving a turtle from the horrible harms of eating a plastic bag. Along with other things that we litter, another example being the plastic soda rings, because look at the poor turtle in the picture above. Life is a beautiful thing, whether it be on land or in sea, so please do take a part in keeping them safe and helping make the world a less polluted place.

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