Pollution in Maracaibo lake

Lake Littering

Lakes are highly polluted now a days. It could be from littering of wrappers and plastics items along with paper. Chemicals tossed into the lake, or what ever might come down from the sewage or a river that's connected to the lake itself. To the left is an example of lake pollution, to clarify this is littering. Bottles, cans, and so forth and so on. 

Did you know that instead of throwing them on the floor, you can go somewhere and give them to a company that recycles them and you actually get paid for the amount that you bring in? Wouldn't that be so much better then simply throwing them out or onto the road or into a lake? I truly think this would be better than throwing them into nature.


In Florida we have the Okeechobee Lake, it is very important to the environment. When I went a few months ago, I was able to see the lake for the first time. It's a very nice place to go to for picnics or fishing. But when I was there, I also got to see the problems there were in the lake. as I walked to the end of the peer, or walkway, whichever you want to call it, and witnessed that there was a lot of trash along the way. Each time I looked down there was a bottle, or a bag, or papers, and many other things. I also saw animals, I saw little gators, birds, frogs, and ducks, along with other types of creatures. These animals would go towards the items and nip at them, try to eat them and so forth. How can this be any good for the Lake? How c

an this be good for the animals in the lake? It wouldn't be worth going if you couldn't see animals, or go fishing now would it? No one would want to go, and no one would want to even talk about it. If this happened then lake Okeechobee would probably just die and be turned into something else, and we wouldn't be able to store our waters there for future needs, especially if it was all mucky and disgusting. If you would like to learn more about the Okeechobee Lake then please go to this link I have provided for you. [[1]]

If you'd like to learn more about these things then please go to this website. [[2]]

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