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Pollution On The Beaches Edit

Beaches are highly polluted by people now a days. You can find anything from clothes to food wrappers. If we want to keep our environment clean and want to see animals healthy in the next years, then we must stop this pollution that is occurring in our world.


Not only does littering affect the beach, but oil rigs do to. Like the BP Oil problem that we had not too long ago. It washed up onto beaches and hurt inoccent animals that simply wanted to bath in the water, or live in the water. They get hit with this just because someone most likely didn't what they needed to do.

If you think about it, most of the time its not that the machines malfunction, or wrappers and other things walk away by themselves, its people not caring about the fact that they are littering, and that they are harming the world. So if we actually take the time to do what we need to, and do the right thing, instead of the lazy thing, our world would be a much better places. A lesser dirty place, a place that will survive for a longer time so our friends, family, and children can go on living in a nicer place.

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