Help The OceanEdit

Have you ever wanted to get involved in away that helped the ocean and its sea life? Well you can, there's a couple different ways for you to do this. It could be as simple as volunteering in a animal hospital, doing research, making sure you don't litter, and help with beach clean ups. These of course aren't the only things you can do, but for now lets just list these few.



If you would like to learn more about beach cleanups in your area then please go here.[[1]]

This website can tell you about the days, times, and jest of what you would need to do to help, and how to sign up for the event. Be the one to make a difference, to start a group that'll go out and help with these programs whenever the help is needed. If we can accomplish this, there there would be a lot less problems in the ocean, as you have or will see in the video I have posted for you here.

If you would like opportunities to read about Jupiter beach beaches and ways to help, then please go to this website left for you here. [[2]]

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