Marine Pollution Edit

Marine pollution is something that the world has been fighting with ever since humans began to actually make things in factories. Oil and chemicals get thrown into the lakes and oceans, from factories and big oil rigs that have problems, or someone simply not doing their job correctly. Yes it's not only littering, but its also chemicals and oil. Do you know how hard it is to get oil off sea animals? Also did you know that turtles can and do die from eating shopping bags that end up in the ocean. Do you know how difficult it is to get the bag out of the animal and to nurse them back to health? If people would take the time to actually care then maybe the world would be a much more different place.


Lakes and Beaches are affected by this as I said earlier. Its a constant fight for a healthy environment. If you can, just think about doing a beach cleanup once a month, or going to volunteer with an organization that helps nurse animals back to health. Why? Because it truly is our duty to help the world we live in.

Animals need help too, not only turtles, but other animals, manatees have problems because the chemicals and other things that come from factories kill off the vegetation that they eat, so what happens when its all gone? The manatees die off, or they have to move somewhere else. But if there's a lake with no rivers for them to get to another lake, then what will they do? They will die off in that area if they aren't brought to a zoo, or volunteer area. Think about this, its not only chemicals, but boats as well. When people go out into lakes or to the ocean, the propellers of the boat end up hitting the vegetation that sea life eat, and they also drop the gear and other things they don't need into the ocean or lakes, how good can that actually be for the lakes and beaches and oceans, as well as animals.


So before you start up a business, or go boating, or even go for a simple picnic or to the store, think about the world around you, think about the animals, on land and in the sea. Think about yourself and your children, do you want them to see a beautiful ocean, or have them fishing in a small lake near your house? If we don't start fixing the problems, and stop the marine pollution, there won't be much beautiful stuff left, it will be a world full of trash, instead a world full of beauty. So please, go to the link I have set for you here, read up on it, and learn more. Check out the other things that I have here on this Wikia, I have more information for you, and many other links, as well as some things for kids. So good luck on your journey to making our oceans and lakes a better place.[[1]]

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